Jobs For 12 Year Olds

If you're a 12 year old looking for a job, there's good news and bad news.  The good news is that there are options available for you to make extra money, but the bad news is that you aren't able to work typical jobs like everyone else. Why?

Because you're simply too young and need to continue to focus on school.  In the United States there is a thing called child labor laws and if you aren't 16 years or older, it's very difficult (and sometimes illegal) to work at a job like older people do.

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What Are The Best Jobs For 12 Year Olds?

The way we see it, there are three different types of jobs that 12 year olds can have. Keep in mind, with all of these jobs you NEED to let your parents know what you're doing.  You'll need their help and support to succeed.

Online Jobs for 12 Year Olds: These are the types of jobs that you can do while at home on the computer and you get to work for yourself!  These jobs are really neat because they allow you to create really cool things like a website or a YouTube channel that can make you money.  The best thing about these types of jobs is that you get to work on a topic you really like and you can do all of it on the computer.

For instance, it you really like a specific cartoon, you could make a website or YouTube Channel about that cartoon and people who like that cartoon will read your blog or watch your YouTube videos.

Side Jobs For 12 Year Olds:  These are the types of jobs that you can do around the house or in the neighborhood.  These jobs are good because you can do them in addition to being a student. Always make sure that you get your homework done first and then focus on the job you've chosen.  At your age, school always needs to come first.

Summer Jobs For 12 Year Olds:  When you don't have school, you have a lot more time to focus on a job.  These jobs are great because they're things that you can do in the summer time while it's warm and you get to hang out outside while you do it.

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Online Jobs For 12 Year Olds

The online industry is taking business to the next level. With millions of websites out there, not only are people able to find everything they need in just a few clicks, but large doors are also opening for those who want to try to make extra money.

If you're a 12-year-old kid who wants to earn money without leaving the comfort of your home, creating an online blog or business is a great way to make some money and gain valuable business skills in the process.

Create a Website or Blog: One of the ways that a 12 year old can make money is by creating a website or blog. On a blog you can write about things that you care about, or even write short stories for others to read.

For instance, let's say that you're a big fan of Super Mario or some other video game out there. When you have a blog, you can write about the game and all of the strategies and tricks you use to do well.

Although starting a website or blog is a little technical, it's not nearly as tough as it sounds.  Get help from your parents and click here to open Siteground first and then watch this video that can help you create a blog or website for the first time.

Creating a YouTube Channel: You know how when you watch a video on YouTube and see an ad before the video or ads popping up during the video? Those ads make the person who owns the YouTube channel money, so all you need to do is create videos that people want to watch and you can make money too.

As an example, let's say that you're a 12 year old that really enjoys a cartoon on TV. You could create a YouTube channel where you talk about the different episodes of the show and what you thought of it.  As long as people like to watch your videos, you could eventually get a YouTube following and make money.

Realize that because you are under the age of 13 years old you are going to have to have your parents create a channel for you. Technically speaking, YouTube doesn't allow people under the age of 13 to have a channel, but if your parents are aware of it and help you out then this is possible.

Start an Etsy Business: If you're able to make really cool handmade items like necklaces or rings, you may want to consider opening an etsy business. By doing this, you can list your homemade items on the Etsy marketplace and once someone sees them and likes them, they can purchase them.

The biggest thing here is that you have to have some type of item to sell. This could be as simple as a painting, or it could be pottery that you create yourself, but you have to have some type of item that you make and then you can sell to others. At 12 years old this might be difficult because there is a lot of competition on the platform, but you can do it if you make high quality stuff.

Similar to YouTube, there is also a age restriction over at Etsy. In order to create an Etsy account, you need to be 18 years or older, or you need to create the account with a parent or legal guardian. So, you can still have an Etsy business but you need to create it with your parent or legal guardian.

Start a Ebay Business: Similar to creating an Etsy business, creating an eBay business allows you to create different products and sell them on the Internet. The difference though is that with eBay you can also sell products that you purchase at higher prices.

For example, you could ask your parents to take you to a goodwill store, or the clearance area of your local Target, Walmart, or Krogers and see what's there.  If you see a really good deal on a specific product, you can then purchase the product and list it on eBay at a higher price.

It takes time to understand what products will sell, but if you continue to do this and spend a lot of time at it, eventually you'll know which products will sell more than others and where you can make the most money.

With this type of job, you're going to need some money up-front to get started. This isn't always easy for a 12 year old, but somewhere around $100 should do it, so ask your parents for help. Also, keep in mind that if you have toys that you no longer want, you may be able to sell them on your Ebay store as well.

The minimum age requirement on eBay is 18 years old, so again, you'll need to work with your parents to open an account. Business: Truth be told, creating an Amazon business is very similar to creating an eBay business except Amazon will take care of all the shipping and fulfillment for you.

What exactly does that mean?

All that you need to do is send your products over to Amazon and they will put them in their warehouse. When your products are purchased, then the people at Amazon will fulfill the orders for you and you don't have to have all of the stuff you're selling laying around the house. As a 12 year old, this is ideal because it allows you to send all of your product away and they'll take it from there.  But remember that Amazon doesn't do this for free, they charge you a small percentage for what they do too.

Just like many of the other platforms here, you have to be at least 18 years of age to have an Amazon account. Get your parent or legal guardian to help you out.

Earn by Answering Surveys

It's no secret that companies thrive on the comments and feedback from their target market. While a lot of surveys require respondents to be 18 years old and above, there are some companies that need fresh perspectives from younger people like you. Typically, organizations provide cash or gift checks in exchange for a completely filled-in survey. So if you have spare time and you happen to see surveys like this, don’t hesitate to fill up that form. Who knows? You might be able to get a gift card that’s enough to purchase something you really want.

Review and Get Paid

Most 12-year-olds love playing online games and if you can’t go a day without doing that, you can always make money from it. Creating a blog or YouTube channel and reviewing different games or movies will help you earn extra cash. The key here is to make sure you use Google Adsense on a blog or YouTube ads on your videos to make a buck or two each time someone clicks on the ads or watches your videos.

Join a Virtual Tournament

Aside from writing about different games, you can also try to join a virtual tournament. However, to qualify for these kinds of events, you must have a reputable gaming experience. But hey, if you’ve been playing games since you were really young it might be possible that you have enough skills and experience by now.

Use Social Media to Get Paid

A lot of companies are looking for trust-worthy and reliable people who can let the world know about how great their product is. If you're a 12-year-old kid who loves navigating on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, or Twitter, you can earn money by posting positive reviews about games and products you love.  Of course, you'll have to have a lot of followers in order to make money off of it, but if  you start now and people like what you do, your followers will build up over time.

Side Jobs For 12 Year Olds

While a lot of jobs set age requirements, this doesn’t mean that opportunities are limited for you, even if you're only 12 years old. In fact, there are many jobs that are perfect for 12 year olds. The biggest thing to understand is that you need to work really hard and be responsible whenever you take on any new work.

Let’s also not forget to set your priorities straight. Since you need to have enough time to finish your homework, it's best that you look for a job that can help you earn while you can still study for school. If your parents or legal guardian say ‘yes’ to your game plan, then you're on the right page.

Trim, Cut and Maintain Gardens

Gardening is one of the best jobs you can find in your neighborhood. If you love taking care of plants, you can make decent money by taking care of your parents or your neighbor’s garden. Aside from watering the plants, you can also help trim the plants, rake leaves, pull weeds, and plant seeds.  The nice thing about this job is you don't need to spend too much time doing it and can easily work after school or on the weekends.  If you're able to get a few clients, you can ask them to recommend you to other homes that need a hand in their garden too.  Always make sure you only agree to work with someone new if your parents say it's okay.

Save the Earth and Earn

Did you know that in certain states you can make money by bringing aluminum cans and glass bottles to recycling centers?  You can!  The best way to do it is by asking neighbors and friends to keep their bottles and aluminum cans so you can collect them and sell them to recycling centers.  

Earn from Photography

If you're a 12-year-old kid that likes taking pictures, there's always a way to make money if you talk to the right people. If your school or neighborhood is going to put on an event, make sure to prepare your camera and ask to help them photograph it.  Or, set up a stall and take pictures of people for $5 each.  You'd be surprised how many people may be willing to hire you.

Earn by Cleaning the House

Cleaning isn't a very difficult task, but it's one that many people don't enjoy doing.  Help people out by doing it for them and you can make some money in the process. This job may include cleaning the windows and doing other household tasks. Providing assistance to your parents or a neighbor is one of the best ways to earn money during the weekends. Once you've got one satisfied client, you can always talk to other neighbors and see if they need help too.  Everyone needs help with cleaning, you just need to ask.

Get Paid by Playing with Pets

Many of your neighbors probably have pets. The problem is, a lot of them don't have enough time to take care of their furry buddies. As a 12 year old you can squeeze in pet-sitting services in your daily schedule since you are able to go home earlier than people who have day jobs. If you love taking care of animals, you can apply as a pet-sitter for one or two of your neighbors. Not only will this provide you with extra money, but you'll also be able to do something that you love.

Offer Music Lessons

If you're very good at playing a musical instrument, there might be some money to be made. There are always younger children who would love a tip or two on how to start playing the guitar or the piano. If you have been playing since you were very young and you're confident in your skill, you can  post an advertisement so other children and parents know that you're offering this kind of service. The pay is usually on an hourly basis, and it's okay to charge $10 per hour if you're good at what you do.

Summer Jobs For 12 Year Olds

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. Aside from the sunny days and warm nights, it also promises students a well-deserved break from school.   With so many job opportunities open for 12 year olds, it’s never difficult to find a job that can provide you some extra money while you enjoy the summertime.

Offer Cleaning Services

Providing cleaning services may not be your favorite job, but it can absolutely help you save up during the summer season. If you are a 12 year old who’s experienced in cleaning your parents house, you can use your skill to make extra money. There are no advertisements needed; you just need to ask around your neighborhood and find people who are willing to pay for a cleaner. With just a bucket full of water, sponge and soap, you can earn profits in no time.  This may mean washing cars, windows, or simply cleaning out a garage, but the hard work will pay off.

Make Money With a Lemonade or Kool-Aid Stand

One of the easiest ways to make money in the summer is to open up a lemonade stand.  Any 12 year old kid can make lemonade and other drinks that thirsty people walking by may want to buy. If you live in an area that’s close to where people often pass by, you can set up a mini stall in front of your home and earn from selling cups or bottles of water and lemonade. While you might have to stay outside to attract more customers, then you can make some decent money by simply keeping the drinks cold and selling them to those who want to buy them.

Get Paid by Selling Old Items

As a 12 year old, you probably have toys that you used to play with that you don't like anymore.  If you clean up your room and find the items that other people might want, you can sell them online and make extra money.  By putting old toys up for auction on ebay or listing them on Amazon, you'll have a good chance of selling your old toys for the new toy you really want. Not to mention, by getting rid of those old items, you'll be able to make space for new ones that you can really use.

Sell Old Books or Electronics

Your garage can be the perfect place to earn extra money. Since you're 12 years old,  you may have old books or electronics you can make money from. And of course, you can also ask your parents if they have spare books or electronics that they want to sell. By doing this, you are not only clearing space in your home and earning money, but you are also making your old books and electronics more accessible to those who need them.

Help out at a Garage Sale

At 12 years old, one of the easier ways to make some money is to offer to help with neighborhood garage sales. You can offer your assistance in doing simple chores while the garage sale is going on and maybe even get a percentage of the money from the items you help to sell.

Teach Younger Children How to Play Sports

If you are really good at a specific sport, you might want to help younger kids get better by teaching them different skills.  For instance, if you are great at playing soccer, you can offer services to younger children who are eager to learn. This is one of the best ways to earn money because you'll get to make a few bucks while you do something you love.

Be a Pet Sitter

Pet-sitting is also one of the jobs a 12 year old can take on. Aside from walking household pets, you can volunteer to take care of the pets all day since most homeowners are away for their day jobs. If you are a pet lover, this opportunity is perfect for you since it will not require much work, and it will also enable you to build a relationship with different animals.

How Much Money Can a 12 Year Old Earn?

If you're the type of kid who is always looking for ways to earn money during your spare time, you can earn as much as $500.00 per month, depending on the nature of the job. But remember, no matter how many job offers you get, at the end of the day, what matters the most is your commitment to stay focused on school. If you're great at multi-tasking and you will put education at the top of your priority list, then it might be okay to work as long as your parents say it's okay.

Earnings for Online Jobs

Online job earnings are very wide and diverse since the Internet welcomes everyone who’s skilled and talented.  Some 12 year olds will only make $1 a day, while others can make $100 a day.  It's really difficult to say exactly what you'll earn because there are no limits, but it all depends on how good you are at writing or creating YouTube videos.

Earnings for Summer and Part time Jobs

While the nature of the job is an important indicator of how much you’ll earn, most 12 year olds can expect to earn around $6 to $12 an hour. For instance, if you decided to provide tutoring services, you can earn $10 an hour while working in a garden may only make you $8 and hour. 

Limitations on Earnings

Although there are limitations to the jobs you can apply for, there is no restriction on the amount of money that 12 year olds can earn. As long as you're performing a job that is approved by your government—and your parents—you can make as much money as possible. Also a piece of advice; It's best that you experiment on the prices you’ll put on your services. For instance, you can start with $8 an hour for babysitting. Then, you can work your way up to $10 once you’ve gained some experience.

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