Jobs For 18 Year Olds

If you're 18 years old and all finished with high school, congrats!  Not only have you finished your largest academic accomplishment yet, but you're ready to begin working in the "real world".  While this is intimidating to many, it's finally a chance to focus on yourself and begin your career.  Of course, it's always a good idea to go to college if that's what you aspire to do, but if not, then you're probably wondering what you can do for work.  This page will help you understand your options.

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Companies That Hire 18 Year Olds By State

Every state has a handful of companies that are willing to hire 18 year olds for entry level jobs.  However, these companies aren't located in all states, so we've segmented them so that you can find the ones hiring in the state that you live in.  Just click your state below to a see a list of companies that hire 18 year olds.

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What Are The Best Jobs For 18 Year Olds?

The way we see it, there are three different types of jobs that 18 year olds can get.

Online Jobs for 18 Year Olds: These are the types of jobs that you can do while at home on the computer and you get to work for yourself!  These jobs are really neat because they allow you to create really cool things like a website or a YouTube channel that can make you money.  The best thing about these types of jobs is that you get to work on a topic you really like and you can do all of it on the computer.

For instance, it you really like fashion, you could make a website or YouTube Channel about your favorite fashion trends and what celebrities are wearing.  Or, if you really like sports, you can make a website or YouTube channel about the latest sports news for your local team.

Full time Jobs For 18 Year Olds:  If you're ready to begin working 40 hours a week, we have a bunch of ideas that will help you get started.  Finding the right company and career path for you will take some work, but this page has a lot of information to inspire you.

Side Jobs For 18 Year Olds:  These are the types of jobs that you can do around the house or in the neighborhood.  These jobs are good because they are part-time and if you're going to community college or have other priorities, these will help. 

Summer Jobs For 18 Year Olds:  When you don't have school, you have a lot more time to focus on a job.  These jobs are great because they're things that you can do in the summer time while it's warm and you get to hang out outside while you do it.

You can read these job listings from top to bottom, or you can use the quick navigation below to jump to a section.

Online Jobs For 18 Year Olds

Because you're 18 years old and your responsibilities are still limited, you have a lot of opportunity to make money while working online. You can choose from a number of opportunities that are available and your skills are largely going to determine what you choose.  For example, some web review sites hire testers. However, they may only contact you when they have a need. Therefore, if you are going to make an income online, it is better to direct your talents toward  activities like web site development, online marketing and sales, content creation, or any type of task that has high demand.

 The following information should give you a better idea about how to proceed.

Earning with Blogging

If you have any interest in creating a website or blog for yourself or others, there are so many awesome options out there that can help you do so with minimal coding knowledge. You don’t have to be a pro in web design to do this, there are many tools out there that have made this easier than ever.

You can take advantage of pre-designed templates which will help you get the job done in no time and local businesses will love to work with you because you're local and can do it for a pretty low cost. Smaller websites can earn you anywhere between $200 to $2,500, but it's a good idea to create your first few websites for a $200 or less so that you have clients and a portfolio. Heck, it's fine to do them for as low as $100 if someone is willing to give you a shot.

We are huge advocates of you creating websites because it's an amazing skill to have for future employers and if you do things right, you may be able to create your own website that makes you money.

Here are a few resources that'll help you out if you decide to go down this road:

FREE Course - Creating Your Own Money Making Website: This course will help you understand the basics of starting your own website and it's free.

FREE Guide - How to Start a Blog: This guide will outline everything you need to do in order to start your own blog in three simple steps. Very helpful if you've never done it before.

FREE Course - WordPress For Beginners - Build a Live Website From Scratch: Another free course which will walk you through the WordPress CMS platform. This is essential as we recommend all website designers use this platform, it's the most widely used and frankly, the best (It's also free).

Top Recommended Resource - Thrive Themes: If you are an amateur web designer, this is hands down the best tool that you can have. There's a lot to this recommended resource, but basically it will allow you to make a professional website by dragging and dropping elements with NO coding knowledge at all. In fact, this website was made with it! It isn't free, but it's well worth the cost.

Virtual Assistant

With the number of businesses online, virtual assistants are needed to manage the sites and maintain the associated social media accounts. If you are a multi-tasker, you will like this role. Duties include such activities as assisting customers with online purchases or answering e-mails.

Survey Taking

Survey taking is an ideal activity for young people as many of the opinions that research companies need fall under an age group that is younger. If you like to express yourself or have a tendency to give your opinion, then you may as well get paid for it. Businesses of all kinds depend on the surveys of consumers to determine if their products or services are meeting consumer needs. Some people even make a full-time income at this pursuit, but that's not typical.

This type of online job would be great for those that are looking at part-time work because their taking course or don't have full-time employment. The work can be interesting and fun – it is what you make of it. Just make sure that you are well-organized as you will get quite a bit of e-mails from survey companies once you start.

It's a good idea to create a separate e-mail for your survey activities and set a time each day for the activity. After all, you will make more money by working for several survey firms. Surveys vary and so does the pay. While some surveys only take about two minutes of your time and pay quite well, others may take a far longer amount of time and pay a lower amount. However, when you tally up all the cash you can make, this could total $500-$1000 per month. 

Tutoring Online

Tutoring is yet another activity that you can do online, especially if you are well-versed in such subjects as English, Math or Science. You can assist elementary or high school students who need assistance with schoolwork or work with students who are preparing for a standardized test such as the SAT.

If you have experience working as a teaching assistant or are a naturally strong communicator, then tutoring is a way to make money online. In order to develop contacts, start by running classified ads online or by answering ads on places like Craigslist. You can also apply to a tutoring company. If you can communicate by Skype and have a strong broadband connection, this can be an ideal way to make extra income and you can set your hourly rate.


If you have a good eye for detail and a strong grasp on the English language, then you should consider being a proofreader. Not many people know this, but there is a significant amount of money that can be made in this field. 

To work as a proofreader in any field, you need to be a good speller and have an advanced knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Because of this, you need to have an eagle eye in order to do this kind of work.

If you have a lengthy transcript or manuscript, try using an iPad. You can outfit the device with iAnnotate or a Branchfire app if you are proofing a court reporter transcript and that can help you reduce time significantly. The iAnnotate app is very affordable and is easy to use and install.

The nice thing is that technology has made it so that you don’t have to type out such directions as “delete” or “add” comma each time. The app comes with features such as strike-through, highlighter and typewriter tools that make proofreading fast and easy. This type of work becomes very mobile, especially when you use the right app. You can take a free seven-day course covering the proofing of court transcripts at the ProofreadAnywhere website if you're interested.

Selling on

Making money by selling things on is surprisingly easy and something that pretty much anyone can do. With a small investment, you can turn your efforts into making quite a bit of money part-time. To make the task easier, try using Fulfillment by Amazon. This services permits sellers to use Amazon’s fulfillment services to finalize sales and ship products.  The service makes it easy for sellers as they don’t have to create a listing. They simply use the listing platform that is featured on the Amazon site. For example, you can purchase discount goods on the Internet to sell, then schedule UPS pick-up to Amazon each week. You then receive a payment from Amazon when your products finally sell and are shipped to the customer.

To make money with this, all you need to do is head to local stores and find items that are deeply discounted.  Once you are able to obtain them, turnaround and sell them on Amazon for a premium price.  You'd be surprised what people are willing to pay, especially if they can't get the same items in their area.

Full Time Jobs For 18 Year Olds

If you are 18 years old and looking for a full-time job, then you are probably trying to begin a career where you can hone your skills and gain valuable experience. Some of the jobs mentioned below will enable you to gain skills and steer you in the right direction.  Obviously we can't cover every industry type here, but this is a good start.

Marketing Field - Internet Marketing Coordinator/Assistant

For those that like the idea of marketing products to customers, this is a great place to start.  Much of marketing is now done on the internet and by getting a job like this, you'll be able to gain a lot of valuable skills to make you an asset for many employers in the future.  

Technical Field - Web Developer

A web developer is one of the best jobs that 18 year olds can try to get.  The income growth for this job is projected at 180% with an average yearly income of $76,000. You can learn the ins and outs of web development and web design as well. If you like to learn by doing, then you may want to check out the free course in programming and web development at the Codeacademy site.

Not only can you learn on the job, but you can also enhance your skills by making use of the many courses online that are designed for learning web design and development.  Because technology is growing the way it is, this may be your best choice if you think this fits your personality.

Admionistration - Medical Secretary/Transcriptionist

Another job for 18-year-olds that pays well and is slated for growth is that of a medical secretary/transcriptionist. You can start a transcription service too if you want. All you need is a foot pedal and earbuds or headphones. Software is available so you can type patient histories with ease. One of the places where you can learn medical terminology online is on the Des Moines University website.

The course at this site is free and will give you a solid foundation into the words and phrases used in the typing of charts and histories. A certificate of completion is available for course participants for $99. However, the course does not qualify for an academic grade or credit from Des Moines University.

Law - Paralegal Assistant

A paralegal assistant is yet another job that an 18-year-old may want to pursue. You can take an online course for $129 at the Distance Education website. You might begin this career pursuit by applying as office support or a receptionist in a local law firm.  If you take this track, you'll end up working in law firms and with lawyers for the most part.  If this is something you aspire to do, start here.

Sales - Insurance Agent

Even though you're young, you might want to think about applying your sales ability as an insurance agent. Insurance agents make about $45,000 per year and the projected employment growth is to be 22%. You have to go through a process however before you can get the job. These steps are covered on the American Family Insurance website. Before you become an agent, you need to apply and take licensing exams covering property, casualty, life and health insurance products.

Sales - Wholesale Representative

While there are plenty of jobs in the retail trade, you can also find jobs abundant in the wholesale sales business. In fact, if you direct your goals toward becoming a seller in this type of occupation you can do quite well professionally and monetarily. With an employment growth rate projected at 15%, anyone who works as a wholesaler can expect to make around $50,000 per year and you'll be in charge of working on retailers to purchase wholesale products in large quantities.

Management - Fast Food Restaurant

If you have experience working as a fast food worker, you may advance your career by applying for a full-time manager. While the hours can be long and the pace can be hectic, getting your foot in the door for a management role can lead to more managerial responsibilities down the road.  Once you have experience here and have shown you're good at what you do, it'll be a great way to expand your career in the future.

Management - Retail Manager

Likewise, if you have experience working as a retail salesperson, you might want to see if you can apply for an assistant manager or manager position. Some smaller stores will hire candidates in management roles if they show they have a couple years of retail experience.

Retail - Dog Groomer

Do you like dogs? Then you may want to try your hand as a dog groomer. Companies, such as Petco, sometimes have openings for dog groomers in training. Once you get the needed skills, you may also ask about setting up your services at a local vet’s office. You can also buy a mobile van and come to customers’ homes with your grooming service.

Education - Teacher’s Aide

If you are currently working part-time toward a teaching degree online, then getting a job as a teacher’s aide can complement your coursework. Although the income is lower than other professional jobs, the employment growth is projected at almost 15%. Working as a teacher’s aide will show your commitment toward getting a job eventually as a teacher.

Financial - Bank Teller

If you enjoy working with numbers but are also customer-focused, then you probably will enjoy working as a bank teller. Bank tellers in most financial institutions can take financial and management courses online so they can work as managers or financial planners for the bank.

Whether you are currently working toward a degree or not, any of the above-listed positions will help you sharpen your skills and learn the responsibilities needed to work well in one of a number of employment situations. Whether you work online or off-line, taking on any of the above challenges will give you the direction needed to improve your job skills.

Part Time Jobs for 18-year-Olds

If you are 18 years old, you can work just about anywhere as you are officially considered to be an adult. Therefore, part-time jobs in standard industries welcome the youth and exuberance of an 18-year-old. You can choose from jobs in clothing stores, various retail establishments and fast food establishments. Some of the job descriptions below can assist you in your efforts toward interviewing for traditional part-time jobs.

Photography and Document Archiver

While you can apply for a large variety of jobs in the retail and restaurant trade, you can also establish your own traditional business as well. Today, many people need photos scanned, stored and archived from the non-digital age. Therefore, you can use this current need and make part-time money. In order to begin, network with your parents’ friends first.

You can archive pictures on DVDs, computers and websites. Any documents that need to be scanned and archived can be added to Google Docs. Pricing for this kind of service is generally $.25 per photo or about $.35 per document page. This kind of work can be tedious and you need to be careful and conscientious when handling photos and documents.

Work at a College Bookstore

If you are a college student, then working at a college bookstore can help you integrate yourself with the college experience. The store is also a convenient and a flexible venture. However, this is not a side job where you will be paid a lot. Expect to be paid minimum wage at best. Nevertheless, if you want to become better acclimated to college life, this is the place to work.

Restaurant Waitress or Waiter

You can usually get work as a waiter or waitress pretty easily when you are 18 years of age. However, be forewarned, you will have to work mainly for tips as the staring hourly wage will typically be low. Nevertheless, this kind of experience is a good grounding for developing strong customer service skills. Choose an upscale restaurant and make more in the way of tip money.

Work at the College Library

If you like the quietude associated with a library environment, then you don’t want to bypass the opportunity of applying at the college library. If you are a college student, this is the ideal place, as well, to sneak in some extra study time. This job is not always easy to get. Therefore, make sure you write a well-formatted resume and review winning interview methods for getting the job. While the job will not pay much more than minimum wage, the free time will make up for the lower salary.

Work at a Fast Food Restaurant

Although the hours can be long and the pay, by comparison, “short,” fast food jobs are in abundance for the young. The hours, too, are not all that flexible. Therefore, this type of job should be taken with the idea of transition. In order, work as an employee at this kind of work until you find a job that offers more in the way of pay and flexibility.

Deliver Pizzas

If you drive, then delivering pizzas is a good way to earn extra money. The hours are flexible and the tips can be quite good at times. If you can work the weekends, you will also make more money.

Apply as a Teaching Assistant

If you were always involved in advanced coursework, then you may be eligible to apply as a teaching assistant. Assistants hand out assignments and proctor tests. If you are currently enrolled in college, talk to your professors about potential opportunities. You can also ask about assisting in their office.

Grocery Store Clerk or Cashier

A grocery store will hire young people or students throughout the year. Workers in a store may bag groceries, mop floors, operate the cash register or stock the shelves. Expect to receive the going minimum wage. Some of the benefits of working in a grocery include working shorter shifts, getting merchandise discounts and scheduling flexibility.

Lawn Care Worker/Landscaper

Working as a lawn care worker or landscaper gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy outdoor work while getting paid for it. Mowing lawns can pay very well too. You can either establish your own service or apply to a landscaping company.

If you live somewhere where the winters are cold, you can make the transition from mowing lawns to shoveling snow in the winter time. You can also offer to decorate people’s trees, deck or outside trims with outdoor lights during the Christmas season and other times of the year.

Deliver Pizzas

If you have a car that's reliable and a good driving record, you will qualify for a job delivering pizzas. While you won’t get paid a lot of money, you will receive tips. If you want a sense of autonomy on the job, then pizza delivery was designed for you. However, you still have to be cautious as there are some possible hazards associated with the job. 

Packing and Moving Service Provider

You can also find employment working for a moving company packing and loading boxes. See if a moving company in your local area needs extra help on the weekends. If the day is hot, the work may seem grueling. Therefore, it is important to take breaks to prevent overexertion and to drink plenty of liquids. Usually, you make minimum wage or slightly more.

Personal Assistant

You may also find part-time work by offering personal assistant services. A personal assistant does such things as runs errands or walks dogs. You can either offer your assistance to neighbors and friends or create a flyer that displays the various services you feature.

While the jobs may be initially sporadic, the longer you prove yourself, the more money you will make. The amounts that you charge will need to match the services being offered. To charge fairly, calculate the overall time it takes to complete a task. Usually, most customers consider $10 per hour to be an acceptable rate.

Waitress or Waiter

If you choose to wait tables, then be prepared to work for well below minimum wage. You make your money mainly in tips. However, tips can be good in fine dining restaurants and you also get to eat meals at a discount. If you become a member of a wait staff, you can learn a lot about customer service, patience, food handling and preparation and money management.

Working in the Retail Trade

Usually, part-time jobs in the retail trade are easy to get and offer a number of perks. These amenities include merchandise discounts, schedules that are relatively light and, in some cases, a fast-paced and fun environment. Some of the downsides can include working at minimum age, working the weekends and trying to resolve some customer complaints. In general, a retail job is a first good job for a high school or college student. Workers learn responsibility and how to deal with the public.


If you possess know-how in a certain subject, then you can use it to tutor students part-time. You can either apply with a tutoring company, such as Sylvan Learning Center, or you can offer the services yourself. Set up tutoring sessions both locally and on the Internet through Skype.

Warehouse Worker

If you like to do physical work, then there are plenty of part-time jobs available that require working in a warehouse. Some of the warehouse jobs that are open include loading and unloading trucks or using a forklift and stocking inventory. If you are a student, evening and weekend hours may fit in nicely with your schedule. In these kinds of jobs, expect to receive a minimum wage. After some time on the job, your pay will usually increase. Although the work can be monotonous, the hours go quickly as you are generally busy.

Side Jobs For 18 year Olds

If you are 18 years old and looking for a side job, you may be trying to earn income to support your educational pursuits or are trying to supplement the income you are making at a full-time job. If you are trying to increase what you make at your full-time job, make sure that you can handle the extra work before starting down this path.

For example, you don’t want to take on an exhausting side job such as shoveling snow if you already work, for instance, at a construction site full-time. Instead, try to pursue work this is different than your full-time position that is a nice compliment.  In the example above, it would make sense for a full-time construction laborer to consider a job in sales with the material that they deal with on a daily basis.

Regardless of your reason for making a side income, the following suggestions can be used to inspire you to find side work that you'll enjoy.

Sign on as a Worker at Campus Events

While the work is limited as an event worker, it still is available if you can make time for it. Seek out events that are being offered on a nearby college campus, such as book or job fairs. If you are a student, you also have an inside track to all the latest happenings and scheduled events.

Pet Sitter

You can begin a pet-sitting business. You can offer to take care of pets in clients’ homes or set aside a fenced area outside your parents home. If the yard is attached to your parent’s house, make sure they are also okay about your new business venture.

Become a Product Ambassador

You can represent certain brands and promote them on a college campus, at the mall, or at various events. Check out college bulletin boards for companies that are looking for students to do this kind of work.

Personal Shopper Services

You can make extra money by becoming a personal shopper as well. One of the sites that enable you to provide shopping services is Instacart. By using their mobile and online platform, you can connect with customers who request shopping and grocery delivery in your area.

You will need regular access to a car or truck as well as a good driving record. The ability to lift as much as 40 pounds and access to a smartphone is necessary. Check out the InstaCart website to see if the service is offered in your city.

Buy and Sell Products

Whether you sell electronics or computer parts, you can find low-priced items online and resell them at a profit. Advertise the items on such platforms as eBay or Craigslist. However, make sure you research the prices and product demand before you take such a leap. Otherwise, you could end up with more products than cash.

Work as a Campus Guide or a Local Tour Guide

You might also see if you can obtain work, if you are a college student, by working as a campus guide. If you are located in a city that is tourist-friendly, you can provide tour-guide services. You might even think of hosting walks through your city’s downtown historic area.

Work as a Babysitter or Nanny

Just because you are older does not mean babysitting is not a good way to still earn some extra money. You usually will get more than minimum wage. Also, you can offer your services as a nanny if you have babysitting experience and want to upgrade your role as a childcare provider. Include tutoring, light cleaning, or meal preparation to you skillset if you apply for this role.

Other Side Jobs

Other jobs that are more labor-intensive include shoveling snow, lawn care, or detailing or fixing cars. Advertise your services on Craigslist or hand out a specially made business card. Business cards can be obtained online at such sites as

Summer Jobs For 18 Year Olds

Sometimes it's easier to find work during the summer month for one simple reason, more employers are hiring.  Below is a list of the different types of summer jobs you may want to consider if you're 18 and haven't found work yet.


If you can swim well and have obtained a certification as a lifeguard, then you'll enjoy this one. This job is the epitome of a summertime job as lifeguards are needed when pools open during the summer season and the kids get out of school. They also work at beaches patrolling the waters to make sure everyone is safe.

As far as certification, you generally need to obtain the endorsement from the Red Cross or another similar training program. Many employers need this prerequisite. The certification test includes a written exam and physical challenges to make sure you up to the task. Typically, you can find out the requirements for certification from your local parks department.

While being a lifeguard is a solid summer type job, it can lead to a year-round job in an indoor pool. If you wish to get a job in parks and recreation, then getting a lifeguard job is a good place to begin. If you work at a public pool, you usually will work with a team of lifeguards, all who are normally supervised by manager.  If you work hard, this could eventually be your job.

Summer Camp Counselor or Worker

You can work as a camp counselor at one of a number of campsites throughout the U.S. You can even work away from home and experience the Great Outdoors in a whole new setting. Apply at a camp for such jobs as camp director, bus driver or instructor.

Residents Assistant at a Summer Camp

Resident assistants are needed at camps as are teaching assistants. In order to do this type of work, you must love working with adolescents and teens, have leadership experience, and have the ability to build a rapport quickly with kids.

Teaching Assistant

In order to work as a teaching assistant, you should possess two years of academic or working experience in a program specialty. Office assistants can also be found at certain summer camps, especially those featuring such activities as art or theatre. The office assistant should know Microsoft Office and have experience with phone answering, managing e-mail correspondence, scanning and making copies.

If you work at a camp, you will have a competitive edge if you learn CPR and become certified. Most of the positions run from around the early part of June to almost mid-August. Salaries are based on an applicant’s qualifications. However, most of the positions provide room and board.

Tour/Fishing Guide

You can work almost anywhere in the country as a tour or fishing guide during the summertime. Most fishing lodges, for instance, in places like Montana or Alaskak, hire fishing guides or front desk personnel during the summer. Contact these places and check on their open summer positions.

Rock Climbing Instructor

If you are well-versed at climbing the slopes, then you can see about rock-climbing instructor positions at adventure-type camps. Usually, the pay for three months’ work is around $3,000 or about $250 per week plus room and board.


During the summertime, you can find plenty of work available for grounds-keeping or landscaping jobs. Ask about work in your local area.

Rafting Guide

If you enjoy rafting or believe you would like to be a raft guide, then you can apply for guide training at Raft Masters. The Colorado-based company requires that people interested in their training program go through a phone interview first.  The company exclusively hires rookie guides from their training course although they do not necessarily guarantee that an applicant will get a job. Training usually runs from the later part of May to almost mid-June. Again, basic first aid and CPR are prerequisites for employment. While the certifications are not needed for training, most employers who hire guards will not employ you if the prerequisites have not been met.

How Much Money Can a 18 year old Earn?

When you finally get a job and begin work, the money you make is not your only concern when budgeting your salary. You should also analyze your expenses and some of the bills you have on a monthly basis. If you learn to budget correctly, you'll be able to build a savings account and purchase items you've been looking for.

To set aside what you make and watch it grow can be exciting. For instance, if you invest $4,000 in a mutual fund each year at a rate of return of 8%, you will double your money in 18 years. If you invest double that amount, you will have already saved $16,000 by the time you turn 27. That is certainly a nice thought when you are putting away the money you make in savings.

In terms of how much money an 18 year old can earn, it's really up to them and how hard they work.  We personally feel that your best course of action is to start your own internet business of some sort as you'll be able to make your own money and set your own rates, but if you decide to work a full-time job you can expect to earn $25,000 - $30,000 per year at this age.  If you're below that, not a big deal!  This is an estimation and the places you work now are more about growing your professional experience, not providing you with a ton of income.

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