Jobs For 19 Year Olds

If you're 19 years old looking for a job, you aren't alone!  just because you're old enough to have a job, doesn't always mean that you'll have one.  Sometimes you need to find the right employer and this becomes especially difficult if you have a certain career path in mind and can't find someone who's willing to give you a chance.  This page will help you understand some of your options and will hopefully steer you in the direction of a finding a job that you'll really enjoy.  

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Companies That Hire 19 Year Olds By State

Every state has a handful of companies that are willing to hire 18 year olds for entry level jobs. However, these companies aren't located in all states, so we've segmented them so that you can find the ones hiring in the state that you live in. Just click your state below to a see a list of companies that hire 19 year olds.

Territories: District of Columbia | Puerto Rico

What Are The Best Jobs For 19 Year Olds?

The way we see it, there are three different types of jobs that 19 year olds can get. Keep in mind, with all of these types of jobs you MUST let your parents know what you're doing.  You'll need their help and support to succeed.

Online Jobs for 19 Year Olds: These are the types of jobs that you can do while at home on the computer and you get to work for yourself!  These jobs are really neat because they allow you to create really cool things like a website or a YouTube channel that can make you money.  The best thing about these types of jobs is that you get to work on a topic you really like and you can do all of it on the computer.

Full time Jobs For 18 Year Olds: If you're ready to begin working 40 hours a week, we have a bunch of ideas that will help you get started. Finding the right company and career path for you will take some work, but this page has a lot of information to inspire you.

Side Jobs For 19 Year Olds:  These are the types of jobs that you can do around the house or in the neighborhood.  These jobs are good because you can do them in addition to being a student if you're currently going to college.

Summer Jobs For 19 Year Olds:  When you don't have school, you have a lot more time to focus on a job.  These jobs are great because they're things that you can do in the summer time while it's warm and you get to hang out outside while you do it.

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Online Jobs For 19 Year Olds

Because you're 19 years old and your responsibilities are still limited, you have a lot of opportunity to make money while working online. You can choose from a number of opportunities that are available and your skills are largely going to determine what you choose. For example, some of you reading this might be excellent writers and may want to consider creating a blog, while other love graphic design and would rather focus on creating logos. 

Today, online work is providing the opportunity for people from all backgrounds to work in the comfort of their home or take their laptop to a restaurant or library where they can access Wi-Fi. What's nice about online work is that it permits you to work just about anywhere. Regardless of your skill set, below are some great options for online work that should give you some ideas.

Earning with Blogging

If you have any interest in creating a website or blog for yourself or others, there are so many awesome options out there that can help you do so with minimal coding knowledge. You don’t have to be a pro in web design to do this, there are many tools out there that have made this easier than ever.

You can take advantage of pre-designed templates which will help you get the job done in no time and local businesses will love to work with you because you're local and can do it for a pretty low cost. Smaller websites can earn you anywhere between $200 to $2,500, but it's a good idea to create your first few websites for a $200 or less so that you have clients and a portfolio. Heck, it's fine to do them for as low as $100 if someone is willing to give you a shot.

We are huge advocates of you creating websites because it's an amazing skill to have for future employers and if you do things right, you may be able to create your own website that makes you money.

Here are a few resources that'll help you out if you decide to go down this road:

FREE Course - Creating Your Own Money Making Website: This course will help you understand the basics of starting your own website and it's free.

FREE Guide - How to Start a Blog: This guide will outline everything you need to do in order to start your own blog in three simple steps. Very helpful if you've never done it before.

FREE Course - WordPress For Beginners - Build a Live Website From Scratch: Another free course which will walk you through the WordPress CMS platform. This is essential as we recommend all website designers use this platform, it's the most widely used and frankly, the best (It's also free).

Top Recommended Resource - Thrive Themes: If you are an amateur web designer, this is hands down the best tool that you can have. There's a lot to this recommended resource, but basically it will allow you to make a professional website by dragging and dropping elements with NO coding knowledge at all. In fact, this website was made with it! It isn't free, but it's well worth the cost.

Virtual Executive Assistant

If you are service-oriented and enjoy working in with executives at companies, then you can obtain a job online as a virtual assistant. Several sites are designed for individuals who have the suitable skills and experience needed for this kind of work experience.  A good place to start is, but be ready to compete against people from other countries who are willing to do your work at a fraction of the price.

Essential functions of the job are listed below:

· An executive virtual assistant serves as a point of contact for an executive. Therefore, he or she is responsible for handling calls and e-mail correspondence.

· The virtual executive assistant (VEA) maintains the executive’s schedule by planning and calendaring meetings, teleconferences, travel and conferences. He or she sets appointments, travel reservations, conference calls, and webinars.

· She or he is responsible, as well, for transcribing, inputting., formatting, editing, copying and transmitting data, text and graphics

· She or he drafts letters and documentation and analyses information.

· She or he is responsible for archiving and filing and works with such online filing platforms as Dropbox

· The VEA is responsible for updating social media content on the company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts or the business’s blog.

A VEA Must Have Good Follow-through

If you wish to take on this job, you also need to be a fast learner, and therefore must be able to catch on to industry-specific software tools and applications. Resourcefulness is another trait that a VEA must possess to do well on the job. Therefore, he or she should be able to learn a new application or skill and direct clients to the information they need. If you are able to work on your own and follow through each day on your assigned projects and tasks, then you will like this kind of online employment.

On a basic level, you need high speed access to the Internet and a smartphone that is designed with e-mail capabilities. You also need a quiet area in which to do your work. One online site that takes applications for VEAs is eahelp. You can also obtain job listings on Craigslist.

Online Reseller

If you enjoy entrepreneurial pursuits and sales, you can earn a good income by selling items online. Two great places to start with are and  It helps to have a little money to get started in this pursuit.  All you really need to do is go to your local Walmart, Goodwill, department store, or find good listings on Craigslist and find some great deals on in-demand products.  If you can find these, then you list them and once they sell, you make a handful of cash pretty quickly.

Items that sell well on these websites include -

· Electronics (such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and cameras)

· Collectibles and antiques (such as baseball cards, vintage toys or early-issue comics)

· Musical instruments (such as trumpets, flutes, guitars and violins)

· New and almost-new designer apparel, handbags and shoes

· High-end kitchen appliances, such as mixers or blenders that represent such brands as Vitamin, Breville or KitchenAid

· Sporting goods, such as baseball bats, golf clubs or tennis rackets

If items do not sell after a period of time, you can simply relist them.  Once you've got the hang of this, you can look into Amazon FBA and Ebay Valet which is a good way to have others focus on the selling and fulfillment while you just find the right items.  However, those are advanced levels, so just start by purchasing and reselling items. 


A transcriptionist is someone who will listen to audio and type all of the words into a document for someone.  This is a much needed service as many people want to have information all typed out, especially people who own websites.  There are a number of companies that can use your services online and a good place to get started is to look on or

To be considered as a transcriptionist for an online transcription provider, you need to possess a general knowledge of American pop culture or current events and be able to distinguish between similar-sounding voices.

You should also be good at transcribing the voices of people with heavy accents or picking up technical terms. It is important to have good time management skills and a strong command of English grammar as well. A working knowledge of Microsoft Word and e-mail programs is helpful too. 

Voice Artist

If you want to use your voice to make money, you can do so online on such sites as You can sign up as a beginner or a professional on the platform and apply for voice-over jobs. Some of the areas that are covered by voice artists include audiobooks, business videos, cartoons, documentary narrations, radio announcements, telephone recordings, videogames, podcasting and movie trailers.

The investment in this well-paying career is moderate. Expect to spend about $300 on a microphone, $200 on a preamp (which doubles as a computer interface), and $100 on a pop screen, mic stand and headphones. If you have a Windows PC or Mac already, you are currently set up to apply for jobs. You can also download free software programs, such as Audicity® for recording and editing your voice-over auditions. Signing up on also entails agreeing to pay for a subscription. If you can spend at least $50 a month, you can still get your foot in the door.

Answer Phones

You can also employ your telephone communication skills online by becoming telephone answering provider. If you have access to a computer and landline phone, or even a paid skype account, then you are set up to take calls. Just make sure your computer’s system meets with the needs of the company with whom you contract. If you can prove that you have after-hours availability and present a calm and pleasant demeanor on the phone, expect to earn about $8 to $14 per hour. is a good place to find job for this as well, just look for customer service positions.

Content Curator and Writer

An online job with excellent future prospects is a content curator and writer. If you have a talent for being expressive on paper as well as meeting deadlines, then this is the job for you. Companies want content that is relevant to their industry and need people to write it for them.  Therefore, it helps to show that you have expertise in the company’s subject matter. Content specialists generally make about $30,000 per year if they work over 40 hours per week and this can be pretty easy to achieve if you're good at what you do.

Full Time Jobs For 19 Year Olds

The world of work is full of opportunity for any 19 year olds that are willing to work hard. Whether you wish to pursue academic studies and supplement your education or wish to choose a professional trade, you can find plenty of jobs where you can gain experience and enhance your skills. The listings below can serve as inspiration.

Getting a job in the retail trade is probably the easiest way to step in the field of work. In fact, in most locations, more people work in retail than any other profession or industry. While some people work in retail for years, others view certain retail positions as side jobs.

Some of the retail jobs you can get include the following:

Customer Service Assistant

A customer service assistant is hired by a large number of businesses to ensure that a customer leaves the retail store happy. This is a good job to break into when you are young, especially if you have a tendency to be service-oriented. As long as you treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, you should do well in this type of employment.

Sales Assistant

A sales assistant has the opportunity to meet a variety of people every day. So, if you are naturally outgoing, you will be a good fit. In general, a sales assistant is at the frontline in a retail environment and generally avoids any kind of boredom. If you do not like the structure of an office, then this is the job for you.

Retail Manager

If your goal is to work in management in retail, then it is best to begin by assisting in the running of a retail establishment. If you do well, you can end up running the store or overseeing an area of retail stores. The pay is good if you choose this type of retail pursuit. You can choose the assignment by entering into a management training program or by obtaining experience. With experience, you can advance to other retail assignments at other stores


Merchandising gives you more flexibility in the retail trade as you usually merchandise or service several related retail accounts. A merchandiser may work in one of a variety of retail venues, including supermarkets, fashion stores or big box retailers, such as Walmart. The job requires that a person know what is new on the market, what customers like and which products make the store money.

Supermarket Work

One of the easiest ways to get employed in the retail trade is to work in a grocery or supermarket. Supermarket jobs often lead to similar type roles in other retail businesses and often cause an applicant to stand out when compared to other candidates.

What’s more, if you are in between jobs, obtaining a supermarket job can provide you with the chance to learn new skills and highlight your abilities on your resume. For instance, working as a cashier involves numeacy skills as well as the ability to work with the public in various circumstances. When you list these kinds of skills on a resume, you can’t help but get noticed by an employer.

The biggest benefit of working in a supermarket retail job is that it gives you the latitude to work full-time or part-time. Unlike a typical 9 to 5 office job, you can pick the shift when you want to work. If you are set on working in retail, a grocery can be a good place to begin.

Administrative and Office Work

Working in an office and focusing on administrative work can lead to one of a number of administrative assignments. If you have good office skills, you can eventually upgrade your position to one that is managerial.

Generally, if you work in a company in an office environment, you will have to submit to drug testing and/or a criminal background check as well.

Manufacturing and Construction Jobs

Besides the above jobs in retail and office environments, you can also apply for manufacturing assignments. In addition, you can always inquire about apprentice jobs in the construction industry. Contractors often hire young men and women to assist them in carpentry work, installing drywall, or laying floor tiles. You can work as an apprentice or take trade-related schooling while working in a labor job or as a contractor’s assistant.

The job you choose to work in full-time will be based on your personalilty, temperament, and energy level. If you are highly energetic and want to escape the 9-to-5 routine, then you generally have the right type of personality for retail work. This type of enthusiasm is also appreciated in restaurant jobs and in the hospitality industry.

If you like to maintain a regular routine and prefer desk work to a job of a more physical nature, then you are a good candidate for an office-type job .If you like more physical-type work, then a construction or engineering job might be a good alternative.  Obviously there are many other types of jobs out there, but this is a sample of some of them that you should consider.

Part Time Jobs For 19 Year Olds

If you are seeking a job part-time and are 19-years old, you can find a number of part-time opportunities that also pay well. Use the following information to give you the motivation needed to find the part-time job that fits in well with you schedule and interests.  Truth be told, some of the jobs listed hee can also become full-time depending on what hours the employers are willing to give you.

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a great job for part-timers as it pays between $10 to $18 per hour, depending where you live, and offers hours that can work in well with academic pursuits or another part-time job. However, you will need to get certified in some states in order to hold the position. The pharmacy tech is the person who fills the orders for pharmacist and serves as his assistant.

If you enjoy detail or want to purse work in the medical field, this job is ideal. You can even obtain pharmacy technician training online or through distance education courses. Drug stores also offer training to their employees. To get your foot in the door, apply for a part-time job in the pharmacy at a CVS or Walgreens, both whom offer training to employees.

In order to sit for certification, you need to have taken a pharmacy technician training program within the last five years and be a high school graduate. You can then sit for your CPhT designation. More information about training can be obtained through the National Pharmacy Technician Association or NPTA .

You can also hone your expertise by taking online courses through such schools as Penn Foster or Ashworth College, both whom offer externships through CVS and Walgreens and provide the coursework for around $45.00 per month ($11.25 per week). Certainly, there is something you can sacrifice for that amount of money. If you are already working in a drugstore, you can even pay for the course that way.

Tutor or Translator

If you became acquainted with German, French or Spanish in high school, you can use your language talent to either tutor others or to become an online translator. You can sign up as a translator with one of the various translation services on the Internet or advertise your tutoring service online or through traditional venues, such as the local high school or area colleges.

Library Assistant

If you are a lover of books, then you can always direct your interest into a job as a library assistant. Duties include checking overdue books and preparing notices for library borrowers. You also spend time returning books to the shelves. The pay ranges from $18 to $20 per hour, depending on where you live.

Guest Service Assistant

Guest service jobs are available to young people who want to do work that focuses on customer service. The jobs are offered by a large variety of industries, including travel and tourism companies and non-profits. Coordinators in this line of work provide both clerical support and help resolve issues with guests or customers.


You can also work part-time as a secretary, whether it is from home or in a traditional work environment. Pay usually varies between $10 to $20 per hour.

Mail Carrier

If you want to make good money part-time, you can always apply to the post office for a mail carrier job. Mail carriers make about $18/hour. This truly is a traditional, if not retro, way to make money part-time.

Fitness Instructor

If you can get a yoga or Pilates license, you can either teach lessons as a private instructor or set up classes where group instruction is held. You can also try applying at gyms or workout facilities in your local area.

Bank Teller

Another part-time job that pays well and is traditional in nature is a bank teller. Tellers make about $12/hour for 20 hours of work per week. You can even start a retirement account at the bank in which you work if you are employed part-time.


If you have experience in babysitting, you can take that experience to the next level by applying as a nanny. Nannies can work as little as one day each week or as much as every day. The hourly rate you make will depend on the number of children you are watching and their ages. You may also offer other services to enhance your resume. Offer light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation or tutoring to upgrade your marketability.


You can get your morning brew for free if you apply as a barista at a local coffee shop or Starbucks. Typically, the pay is minimum wage or better, but you also can add tips.

Child Care Worker

You can also obtain part-time employment in a child care facility. If you are working toward a degree in elementary education, this is an ideal part-time job to assume.

Warehouse Worker/Manufacturing Worker

If you can drive a forklift, you may be interested in applying for a warehouse job. You may also think about getting a part-time job as a manufacturing worker in a local production facility.

In order to get any of the above-listed jobs, you need to stand out from the other applicants. You can even get into the door before you submit a resume. If you have a friend or family member who can refer you to someone they know in a business or company, then part of the stress of interviewing will be lifted.

Also, whether you are seeking a part-time job or full-time job, you want to depict yourself as a high performer. That means sprinkling your resume liberally with action words as well as your accomplishments. Upgrade your status with endorsements. Ask your teachers or counsellors, or a former boss, to put in a good word for your past efforts.

Whether you are applying in the retail trade or hospitality industry, make sure you present your skills and qualifications in the best possible light. Part-time work can lead to full-time work or complement your academic activities. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you make a good impression. It will not only bode well for you but will give you the incentive needed to do well in other areas of your life.

Side Jobs For 19 year Olds

If you are seeking a side job and are 19 years old, you probably are in college or are already working on a full-time endeavor in the workplace. Side jobs abound for young people online and off-line. Therefore, you are certain to find a job that was made for you and can fit in with your current schedule. If you want to make extra money, the easiest way to do so is by working online in the comfort of your home. You can also find a local job near your home.

Child Care Assistant

People always need help with caring for their children. Therefore, working as a child care assistant is always a good side job to take regardless of your age. Jobs are available at local child care centers and day care facilities. If you like to work with young children, then this job was meant for you.

Resort or Hospitality Employee

If you live near a resort property or enjoy serving people in general, then you may want to look for jobs in the hospitality industry. Within the hospitality field, you can apply for such jobs as grill cook, front desk person, night auditor, bellperson, room service server, and breakfast attendant. Not only does a hospitality job look good on a resume, holding this kind of job makes it possible for you to apply for more lucrative future work.

Office or Virtual Assistant

If you have computer and typing skills, then working as an office assistant or virtual secretary can provide a good side income. Working in an office or in an office-type environment will give you the needed insight to pursue a variety of career paths in the IT, administrative, social, marketing or communication fields.

Needless to say, when you are seeking a side job, you will need to narrow down your selections as you will see that there are a number of jobs from which to choose. The type of job you select then depends on how you spend your time during the day.

Are you pursuing academic studies or maybe you are working in a manufacturing environment? You don’t want to pursue work that is over-taxing, for instance, if you work as a carpenter for your day job. It may be better to set your sights on a job online or one that is less physically tiring.

Take in account your interests and strengths when choosing a side job as well. For example, if you like to talk to people versus calculating numbers, then getting a job as a greeter in a store might be better for you than trying to apply as the cashier. Also, think about the time you will be spending on the job and how you want to direct the money. You want to make the most of the time spent. Therefore, establish some savings goals and you will be more motivated to make money on the side.

If you are already a college student, you might consider getting an internship or job that is related to your academic studies. For example, you might apply for a job as a day care worker if you are working toward a degree in teaching. Maybe your degree will be in journalism. Then, getting a side job online as a writer would complement your studies.

Summer Jobs For 19 Year Olds

Summer is always a good time to set your sights on getting employment as you can come across some interesting positions, especially when you are 19 years old. You can even find opportunities at a distance from where you live. Therefore, if you are looking for a summer job, you might think of it, in some cases, as a working vacation.

Employment Opportunities at Fishing Lodges and Resorts

Employers in fishing lodges or at vacation resorts often hire younger adults to staff their front desks, serve as tour guides or act as room attendants. They are more likely to hire a younger worker because he or she has the energy they need to serve them operationally.

National parks and state parks hire summer workers at their venues as well. State parks usually have jobs available at their lodges or inns or have openings for park maintenance in the summertime. National park jobs include a much more extensive listing.

Get a Job inside a National Park – Opportunities at Glacier Bay

For example, if you would like to work in Alaska this summer, you can always get a job at Glacier Bay National Park. A number of employers within in the park hire summer workers, including the park’s lodge. Not only can you work in Alaska, you also are availed with a spectacular sightseeing opportunity. Jobs at the lodge may include positions in food and beverage, retail, maintenance, guest services, administration, human resource or housekeeping.

Many of the national parks that hire in the summer are located up north or in Alaska. Therefore, it is just the ideal time to visit this part of the world. You can avoid the sub-zero blasts that occur during the winter season. Applications for summer jobs at national parks usually are received starting in February for jobs that run from April to October. So, if you want to apply for a job in a national park, it is always helpful to apply early.

Room and Board are Included

You can also find jobs that hire employees as tour guides or deck hands for area cruises. Most of these summer jobs include room and board in a dormitory-type shelter. You usually share the accommodations with 2 or 3 other people.

Each room normally has a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. Two to four beds are featured in each room. Generally, the cost for three daily meals and accommodadtions is $15.00 each day. Getting to a place like Glacier Bay can be a fun excursion for a young person. You can either fly or go by both boat and plane.

Besides Glacier Bay, the other park systems also offer a large selection of summertime jobs. So, if you like adventure and want a chance to travel, this may be a good way to earn your keep and enjoy some fantastic scenery.

Other National Parks that Accept Applications for Summer Employment

Some other examples of national park systems that hire summer workers include –

· Acadia National Park

· Arches National Park

· Badlands National Park

· Big Bend National Park

· Great Smoky Mountain National Park

· Canyonlands National Park

· Crater Lake National Park

· Everglades National Park

· Grand Canyon National park

Apply as a Tour Guide

So, if you want to spend some time in a new place, enjoying the Great Outdoors, you may want to apply for a national parks job. Many employers who hire within the park system manage lodges or are tour operators. Therefore, you can also serve on cruise-type boat excursions as a first mate, second mate, deck hand, etc.

Summer Jobs Closer to Home

If you want to stay closer to home, you might consider applying for the following summer-only jobs –

· Lifeguard

· Camp counselor

· Parks and recreation worker

· Landscaping or lawn care worker

· Landscaping worker

· Swimming instructor

Expanding on Your Summer Job Experience

You can always expand on your summer employment by including seasonal –specific activities at other times in the year. For example, if you work at caring for people’s lawns in the summer, you might try offering light-stringing services during the Christmas season or include snow shoveling in the winter.

Other Summer Jobs

If you are interested in being a lifeguard, then you need to obtain certification through an agency like the Red Cross. It does not hurt to learn CPR or first aid either if you apply for jobs at your local parks and recreation department or an area camp. You can also apply for summer jobs at local fairs, summer events or at nearby theme or amusement parks.

How Much Money Can an 19 Year Old Earn?

If you are 19 years old and looking for work or have limited work experience, you may wonder how much money can be made by a young person new to the workforce. The salary you make will be determined by your job preferences and what you can bring to the table with respect to skills, education and experience. Therefore, any money you make is influenced by your own resourcefulness.

Look at What You are Doing – How Will It Affect Your Future Job Prospects?

The pay that can be made by a 19-year-old then is at least, for certain, minimum wage. This amount is usually increased in about 6 months, provided the employee does a good job. However, because of your age, it is better to concentrate on your experience rather than the money you are making. For example, you may make a fairly decent wage working as a janitor. However, if your interest lies in a completely different field, it may be better to see how your job can help you in a planned career.

What Do You Want to Do?

For example, maybe you want to work as a manager of a fine dining restaurant one day. You would be better off then taking a starting job in restaurant, even if it is at a fast food establishment. Or, you could be interested in the fields of writing or graphic design. If so, it would be better to work for less money now or in an internship capacity so you can build up your resume and show you have acquired the needed skills.

Therefore, the money you ultimately make will depend on the career track you follow. While you may not make what you want right now, you will realize your career and payment goals if you decide what job will enhance your credentials.

What is Your Ultimate Future Job Goal?

So, when you are interviewing for work, you first must determine your ultimate job goal and how you plan to reach it. Match your interests with open jobs and think about the job you eventually wish to get. When you stay focused in this way, you will see continual progress on your job track. For instance, if you want to eventually work as a pharmacist, get a job taking orders online for a pharmacy or work in a drug store, either in retail sales or as a technician.

What You Make is Also Contingent on What You Save

Making a specific salary will be more important as you progress professionally. However, that still does not mean you should downplay what you make. What you make is also contingent on what you save. If you are frugal in your choices, it is the same as getting a raise. For example, a retail associate at Walmart can actually make more money than a high-paid secretary, especially if the secretary is spending just about everything she makes. Pay yourself first by getting into the practice of saving.

Developing a savings habit will bode well for you as you progress along your career track and make spending decisions. Don’t try to receive immediate gratification from the money you earn and save. Instead, save the money so you can make wiser spending choices and, in turn, keep more of what you make.

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