Jobs For Teenagers at Aldi

ALDI is the nation’s low-price grocery leader with more than 1,500 store locations in 34 states throughout the United States. Our rapid growth and expansion have facilitated the need for additional employees to help service our dedicated customers. Our warehouse teams work at the divisional distribution centers across the United States to ensure our stores receive the product they need in a timely fashion.

How Teenagers Can Apply at Aldi

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Is Aldi Good to Work For?

Positions For Teens at Aldi

Store Staff (Estimated Wage: $10-$14/Hour)

Our Store Staff is the face of the ALDI shopping experience, and our most valuable asset. Their hard work makes it possible to uphold our company philosophy: Provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Their smiles and pleasant demeanors keep customers coming back time and time again.

Store Associate (Estimated Wage: $10-$14/Hour)

A store associate provides the best possible service to our customers on the selling floor resulting in repeat customers and increased sales. To achieve this goal, teamwork will be required among all employees. Certain non-selling tasks must also be completed in order to maintain exceptional customer service.

Shift Managers (Estimated Wage: $11-$22/Hour)

The focus of this position will be leading a team of supervisors and front line staff in an effort to reduce financial Risk within a multi-million dollar credit card portfolio.  This includes, but is not limited to managing performance, staffing, efficiency, quality, process, compliance, and elements of strategy.  The Collections Manager is responsible for all outputs produced by their business.  This position is charged with building the culture and team necessary to drive next level performance. 

Warehouse Teams (Estimated Wage: $15-$24/Hour)

Warehouse Associates begin their career by undergoing a thorough and comprehensive training/safety program. While in training, you will work closely with experienced Warehouse Associates learning the skills sets necessary for success in your new role. Once trained, Warehouse Associates work autonomously within an open teamwork oriented environment. The training is a “hands on” experience designed to make each trainee more comfortable in their new position.

Warehouse Training (Estimated Wage: $16-$18/Hour)

his position you must be able to perform the requirements that are listed below, they are a representation of your knowledge, skills and you work ability.

  • Material sorting and placing on racks and shelves according to the items sequence
  • Fills work orders and or request of materials such as tools or other stock materials and distributes to production and or assembly line.
  • Prepares customer orders and places order on pallets or shelves for shipping department.
  • Opens / unpack bales crates and all containers
  • Logs all material received or distributed
  • Follows worksheets
  • Enters records on computer
  • Prepares packages for mailing
  • Able to work in a team
  • Have attention to detail
  •  Ability to read and follow simple instructions
  • Computer knowledge

District Manager Internship  (Estimated Wage: $19-$25/Hour)

The Store Management Summer Internship is a structured 8-week program designed to strengthen your leadership skills & business acumen and give you the opportunity to test drive a career in managing people & business. In this role, you will be exposed to operational areas including, but not limited to customer service, store operations, associate development, human resources, visual merchandising, loss prevention, and district management.



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