Jobs For Teenagers at Babies “R” Us

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Babies”R”Us is the leading retailer with a baby registry of strollers, car seats, cribs, bedding, diapers, formula & more. The store is owned by the same company that owns Toys “R” Us.

How Teenagers Can Apply at Babies “R” Us

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Is Babies “R” Us Good to Work For?

Positions For Teens at Babies “R” Us

Cashier (Estimated Wage: $8-$10/Hour)

  • Guest service. Smile and engage every Guest.  Address all questions and inquiries by Guests. If asked a question that they cannot answer, will locate the appropriate subject expert to further help the Guest.  Obtain Guest’s phone number upon check-out (explaining Guest delight survey, if necessary).  Ask Guest about shopping experience and suggest add-ons (e.g., batteries). Interacts with Guests of all ages.
  • Operates cash register and verifies purchase price. Identify and locate UPC codes on items, correctly scan codes, and obtain assistance for price checks when a price code is not readable or is missing.
  • Packages Guest goods. Packages a Guest’s goods unassisted and place goods in the Guest’s shopping cart.
  • Processes Guest payments. Accurately process all forms of Guest payments accepted by the store, including cash, store credit, checks and credit cards. Payment processing duties include counting cash and making change, use of electronic credit card receipts, verification of Guest identification for checks, communication with Guests to obtain identifying information (such as driver’s licenses), recordation of Guest information on checks, and communication with store manager for authorization on checks over $100.
  • Retention and execution of tasks. Able to learn to perform all essential job functions at an acceptable level with minimal supervision within 3 weeks.

Team Member (Estimated Wage: $8-$10/Hour)

  • Pick up trash throughout the store, replace trash can liners, wash windows, sweep and mop floors , clean common areas, spot paint where needed, clean and store walk off mats when necessary, vacuum carpeted areas regularly.
  • Do minor repairs such as patching walls, preventive maintenance on the material handling equipment and changing burnt out light bulbs.
  • Clean restrooms daily including all fixtures, walls, partitions, floors, vents and mirrors. Also replenish all restroom supplies.
  • Address all spills and hazardous conditions immediately, including wet floors, spills of all types, dangerous overstocks and any other unsafe condition.
  • Wash windows and doors, sidewalks and truck bays swept and hosed down, batons washed/painted, debris picked up at all times.
  • Retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot and inside the store, then store in their proper location.
  • Responsible for the proper inventorying, storage, preparation of order list and organization of all maintenance supplies.

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